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RK8120 Laser Barcode ScannerRK8120 Laser Barcode ScannerRK8120 Laser Barcode ScannerRK8120 Laser Barcode ScannerRK8120 Laser Barcode Scanner

RK8120 Laser Barcode Scanner

Product Introduction:

Category:1D Fixed Mount Barcode Scanner

Product ID:RK8120


Product Introduction:Type: omni-directional 1D, Weight: 315g, Interface: USB/RS232/PS2, Scan speed:1500scan/ sec, Light source: 650nm laser , Application:supermarket,shop,garment industry,library management

Product details

High performance: high precision, high reading speed, high compatibility, etc.

Compatible Models: LS9203、LS9208、 MS7120、 Z6170、 Z6030、Z6070、 CBF7020、 MX6000、MX6030、 MX7020、 CO5300、CO5330、 XL7721、 XL7720, etc.

Super Compatibility: Compatible with major operating systems: Win2003 / WinXP / Vista / Win7 / Win8, Apple MAC; Android, IOS.

Product Features:

◆ 360-degree omni-directional scanning:20-line

◆ Military grade quality assurance:each part is rigorous tested

◆ Aging test:each product has been tested under room temperature and high-temperature

◆ Pulley design,the head scanning angle can be adjusted as needed


Widely used in retail, supermarkets, tobacco, logistics, warehousing, medical care, clothing and other fields; highly cost-effective products.

Product Specifications:

RK8120 Laser Barcode Scanner

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