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RAKINDA (Shenzhen Rakinda Technologies Co., Ltd) is a group established in 2000 from China. We are located in Longgang district ,Shenzhen city, Guangdong ,which is nearby Hongkong (1 hour by taxi can arrive at our office ),also we have 5 branches in China ,Guangzhou, Xiamen, Suzhou , Beijing and Hongkong. Our company is engaged in designing, researching, producing, delivering, installing and maintaining of Auto ID technology, we are devoted to providing enterprise-grade competitive IoT solutions and serves for our clients with high and full passion always .you can find our products and service in Vending machine, tablet, Medical instrument, POS, Lottery machine, ATM, PDA, Advertising player, Kiosk, Ticketing machine, Access control, Turnstile, Production line, Logistics and Meter reading.

Face Temperature Measurement Machine to Help Shenzhen University Epidemic Prevention

The security and epidemic prevention personnel of the company provided S2 hand...

Jul. 11, 2022
How to Use DataMatrix Code on Pharmaceutical Packaging

RK65 is one of the high-performance fixed mount industrial barcode scanner des...

Jul. 05, 2022
Fixed mount barcode reader RD4300Pro Application in smart city

most of the bus QR code swipe readers that are popular in major cities have in...

Jun. 24, 2022
F6 Facial Recognition Temperature Scanner Program Application

RAKINDA was founded in 2000, a national high-tech enterprise, is the indu...

Jun. 16, 2022
RD009 smart access control reader connects to the Internet?

It can be expanded and installed with Bluetooth module, LORA module, RS...

May. 31, 2022
WuHan City Administrative Examination and Approval Bureau Cited the Face Recognition Temperature Measurement

The relevant person in charge of the government service hall of the Municipal ...

May. 24, 2022
Face Recognition Thermometer Provides Smart Verification for Nanjing Kindergartens

Face recognition temperature measurement health code verification machine provi...

May. 13, 2022
The Difference Between Laser and Red Light Barcode Scanners

Barcode scanner can be seen everywhere in our daily life. However, there are c...

Apr. 26, 2022
What barcode scanning module is suitable for embedding in handheld devices

LV30 can easily read barcodes on various printed media and display media such...

Mar. 23, 2022
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