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The Garbage Sorting Industry Affirms the Embedded QR Code Module

Dec. 13, 2021

When it comes to the smart waste sorting industry, everyone will think of the way household waste is placed in various places such as communities and streets, but can you think of whether it will be like other smart devices and will be unattended and sorted and scanned. What about code delivery? In fact, this model of garbage sorting and scanning code is a very feasible solution. It is currently being piloted in major cities and has formed a scale. It solves the problem of too complicated classification standards, weak environmental awareness of residents, and inconvenient management and operation when disposing of garbage. The problem is deeply loved by the majority of smart waste sorting terminal manufacturers, city managers and citizens.

The Garbage Sorting Industry Affirms the Embedded QR Code Module

In fact, the "garbage classification scan code delivery" mode uses an embedded scan code module to realize the mode of swiping the mobile phone QR code / QR code smart card (with identity information bound) to scan the code, thereby forming a terminal, management, and delivery Real-time interaction. However, I wonder if you have ever thought about how it works?

We can understand that the intelligent sorting trash bin uses the QR code scanning module as the front-end equipment for information collection, integrating the two-dimensional bar code technology, collection, data transmission and application, that is, embedding the supporting high-performance embedded CMOS 1d/2d barcode scanner is used to read 2d codes on high-reflective surfaces such as paper barcodes and mobile phone screen codes, and solve the problem of 2d code identification and information recognition in the scanning of garbage classification terminals. Simply use the QR code smart card or mobile phone to put the QR code, and the QR code printed on the garbage bag to scan the effective area of the QR code reader device to open the garbage sorting bin for correct placement. Since then, the "garbage sorting and scanning code placement" application can also provide reliable data and decision support for the subsequent accumulation of points to redeem gifts, active traceability of garbage placement, and full-process supervision of each link.

The Garbage Sorting Industry Affirms the Embedded QR Code Module

It should be pointed out that most of the embedded code scanning modules used in the newly upgraded QR code smart garbage sorting terminal are embedded RD4200 QR code scanners supplied by Shenzhen RAKINDA, which are embedded in self-developed Dedicated chip for QR code decoding with excellent performance and low power consumption. As a cost-effective QR code scanning module, it has a wide scanning angle and can read barcodes in a larger angle range. In addition to reading all kinds of one-dimensional and two-dimensional barcodes, it also It can quickly read the mobile phone screen code; it can easily read the large data volume screen bar code under the environment of low battery power, mobile phone screen film, color bar code, etc., equipped with USB (HID-KBW, virtual serial port), TTL-232 these interfaces are convenient For device docking and data transmission, the volume is also very small, which can easily provide simple and convenient barcode recognition application solutions for the upgrade of various terminals.

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