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EU, US to implement facial recognition and digital health passes

Jan. 12, 2022

Recently, due to the ravages of COVID-19, in order to ensure human safety, many countries have introduced different QR codes, most of which contain personal information and vaccination. So our company has launched a product that can recognize these QR codes: Our F2-AH is multi-country Digital Healthy QR code Pass facial recognition.

Below is selling points. 

1.Without Facial recognition only scan health QR code for passing (Protect Secret)

2.Facial recognition, temperature measurement and mask checking optional

3.Multi-country healthy QR code can be recognized.

4.Vaccination Status Checking 

5.The valid Period of Negative Nucleic Acid results can be set.(24/48/72...hours)

Scan EU Green Pass, Device can scan EU Green Pass 

The EU Digital COVID Certificate contains a QR code with a digital signature to protect it against falsification, the device can scan this QR Code and selectively pass. 


What we can do for supporting this project of The Multi-Country Digital COVID Certificate?

1. Firstly, we are 21-years professional factory, what we can do mainly is to offer the hardware with functions programming customization. we can completely offer such a face device supporting QR code recognition device.

2.The project bidder needs to have a strong web cloud which can connect to the database center of Digital COVID Certificate in different countries. Travelers or passengers comes to do temperature measuring at the face device, then show the Digital COVID certificate for verification after comparing the QR code with the database. after the successful comparison, the barrier gate will be released.

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