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The time of 2D Bar code is coming

Aug. 02, 2017

During the time of fast development and work with high efficiency, smart kiosk equipment makes the people enjoy the life easier. For example, kiosk of buying tickets on the theater increase the happiness of enjoying the movie. Really, kiosk solves many questions, and Barcode Readers is the key part for the kiosk to reading barcode.

The time of 2D Bar code is coming

It is known that the Kiosk of taking tickets on the theater become popular in China and many other countries. After booking the ticket on the Internet, the users will own one special bar code, and then find the kiosk. And then scan the bar code before the Kiosk, you will get the movie ticket. From booking the tickets to printing the ticket, it only spends very little time; and it saves 60% time. There is the embedded 2D barcode reader in the kiosk; and it combines the technology of making payment through barcode, and the technology of transfer data on Internet.

The steps of purchasing tickets are as follows:

1.The users choose the movie, and then the payment amount will be showed on the phone;

2.And then you open the payment bar code of alipay or wechat pay, and then scan the bar code before the kiosk. It will be successful. One of the important parts of the Kiosk is the Bar Code Reader; it read the bar code, and then transfer the data to the management of palace.

The time of 2D Bar code is coming

The technology of bar code is not only used in Kiosk of taking tickets, but also in other industries, for example, ticket-turnstile, smart access control system, the bus payment, self-service of supermarket. That is to say, the time of bar code is coming, it steps any field. And with the development of bar code, the industry of bar code scanners are booming too; because the bar code scanners are needed to decode the bar code and then ship the information.

The time of 2D Bar code is coming

At present, Rakinda Bar code Scanners are hot on the market. The Rakinda LV4500 barcode readers are the perfect partner for turnstile, kiosk, bus payment, access control system. These scanners are with excellent decode chip, the fast reading speed, the good mode, the big scan window. Even the Phone bar code is with weak light, and the phone is with protector, the QR codes are able to be decoded professionally; what is more, the management systems are simple. And Rakinda as the top 10 suppliers of bar code get the good comments on this industry. 

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